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Walkkind Women's Day Activity


Today is Women’ s Day. Guangdong Walkkind Technology, Inc expresses greetings, care and respect to all female employees, organizing all female employees to Qiaoxin Ecological Park in local Sanshui City.

The Qiaoxin Ecological Park is endless. The green grass and beautiful flowers make female employees feel good. They breathe fresh air and immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery of nature. Everyone saw the various flowers and herbs. Then the they experienced the on-site experience of picking various raw fruits and vegetables. While savoring sweet and delicious fruit, we sighed at planted advanced technology of the greenhouse warm effect, thankful for harmonious society.

After tasting the fruit, everyone went outside to joint the training venue competition, the “two-man three-legged” is most popular. The production department, the finance department, the purchasing department, and the sales department formed five teams, the sales department won the competition in a more harmonious rhythm. Everyone actively participated in various development activities and lingered. Finally, everyone took a photo for today a happy day.

Through this activity, the mood of women employees has been adjusted. "happy work, happy life," good atmosphere! Enhance the collective sense of honor of employees, and enrich the enterprise cultural life of Walkkind female employees.





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