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Walkkind Sports Meeting



In order to enrich the life of all the work, enhance the physical fitness of employees and improve the cohesiveness of the company. Walkkind Technolgy Inc.Of Guangdong held a staff sports meeting in the company's living area on December 18, 2018. All employees of the company participated in the event.

Before the opening ceremony of the Games, the teams will follow the sequence and wait for review. They are highly motivated, energetic and energetic, and they bring out the good spirit of Walkkind employees.

General Manager Sheng of the company presided over the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, pointing out that the company held this sports meeting, the purpose is to cultivate the staff's sentiment, enhance the staff's physical fitness, stimulate the hard work spirit and labor enthusiasm of all cadres and workers, and strive to promote the company's work. All athletes are required to carry forward the spirit of "friendship first, competition second, safety first", tenacious struggle, aggressive and fair competition; require all referees to be fair, objective and reasonable, emphasize principles, respect facts, strict standards; require work The staff adheres to their posts, works hard, and does a good job in ensuring the smooth progress of the competitions.Then the athlete representatives took the oath.

The Games will be equipped with two-person three-legged, group skipping, table tennis and tug-of-war projects. These projects are extremely in need of mutual cooperation between employees and reflect teamwork ability. According to the planning process of the Games, sports projects are being opened:

 1.Two-person three-foot relay: The remote mobilization unity rhythm, cooperate with each other, and advance at a rapid speed. Applaud and transfer energy when handing over.

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2. Group skipping: Each team coach assigns personnel, organizes tactics, and finds tacit understanding. The players struggled and struggled.

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3. Table tennis: Sports athletes are all fascinating, calm and fighting, and strive to win.

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4. Tug-of-war competition: The teams are eager to behave, the battle is glued, the morale of the players is high, and they struggle hard and fight to the end.

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5. Other employees became the most enthusiastic cheerleaders in their department, cheering for their screams.


During the entire sports meeting, everyone united and helped each other, and worked hard and showed the spirit of unity and forge ahead, sincere cooperation and striving for progress.

At the closing ceremony of the Games, the staff announced the results of the competition for each purpose, and the general manager of the company, Mr. Zhang, presented the award to the athletes who won the award. In this sports meeting, everyone has gained a lot.

The launch of the sports meeting demonstrated the spirit of the employees' efforts, unity and cooperation, strengthened communication and communication between employees, enhanced the cohesiveness, centripetal force and creativity of employees, and made the employees feel united, collaborative, forge ahead and hard work. The charm and relaxation of body and mind have effectively stimulated the labor enthusiasm and work enthusiasm of the staff, activated the amateur cultural life of the employees, and mobilized the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers to participate in various work.

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