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Walkkind company paper insole board product knowledge training



As more new products launch and society continuous development of manufacturing technology. Request sales staff to increase their product expertise level, therefore, professional training of sales staff is an important training in the future.

On 02nd March morning, 2018. Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc general manager Mr Sheng and R & D department personnel held a professional paper insole board product knowledge training for all sales staff. The training course vividly explained product expertise points, product professional term in the industry, the problem may occur when customers use the product, the solution for the problem, thinking way of the problem.

Through this training, promoting the knowledge professional level of sales staff. Let sales staff recognize that master the product knowledge is very important. Only by mastering product professional knowledge,we can sell well the products and provide perfect services to our customers. Enhance sales staff cohesion and teamwork. Afterwards, each sales staff continue to enhance self-worth, strict demands on themselves, always remind themself to do every sales process for customer satisfaction. And each sales staff should continuous  efforts, continuous learning, to be a good sales force and work hard, with excellent performance to return the company.

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