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Walkkind Company Occupational Health Training And Health Check-up



The physical health of employees is a great asset for the company. Maintaining employees' health is one of the focuses of Walkkind. At 8 o'clock in the morning on May 15, 2018, Walkkind Company invited Director Wang of the Sanshui District Occupational Health Environmental Management Center to give an occupational health training lecture to the employees of Walkkind. Let employees to know their surroundings, including their living and production environments, the various occupational hazards they may be exposed to and their impact on themselves, their personal behavior and the role of lifestyle in the environment. Through training, the level of safety knowledge of Walkkind employees has been raised, thus reducing safety accidents and preventing occupational disease hazards, reducing risks and ensuring the occupational health of laborers.

After training, Walkkind Company provided health check-up benefits to all employees, and invited health checkup agencies to provide medical check-ups. Walkkind employees have participated in medical examinations in all aspects in an orderly manner, including blood tests, vision, B-ultrasound, X-rays, electrocardiograms and other physical examination items. The medical staff inspected have rich experience and can promptly identify various problems in health and put prevention and control in place for the health of employees. Walkkind’s annual medical examination enables employees to fully feel the care and maintenance of the company’s own health. Timely discovery and avoidance of the source of infectious diseases and occupational diseases so as to increase employees’ sense of belonging and work enthusiasm for the enterprise. Improve work efficiency, enable Walkkind employees to develop together with the company, and share the achievements of the company's development.
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