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Walkkind Company New Product Jeans Label



In a market economy, any company must constantly develop new products to meet changing market demands in order to gain competitive advantage. Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc re-established its research and development with elite engineering technology, focused on the extensive application of special fiberboard materials in high-tech manufacturing, adhered to self-innovation, pursued technological progress, and followed environmental economic and environmental protection consumption methods. In 2018, a new type of jeans label was successfully developed and exhibited at the Guangzhou international shoe machinery and leather industry exhibition, which has attracted many domestic and foreign buyers.

 The jeans label developed by Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc is a truly low-carbon, new environmentally friendly material that can be washed, printed, and sewn. The product is made of natural plant wood pulp fiber and natural latex through special production process. The main advantage of this material is:


1. Natural plant pulp fiber, without any harmful substances

2. Can replace leather, biodegradable, renewable, environmentally friendly materials

3. Waterproof, can be washed several times, washable, still maintain the original characteristics

4. Good dimensional stability, no deformation

5. Tear resistance, excellent wear resistance, durable

6. Easy to sew on jeans

7. Feel comfortable, close to leather, ideal for interior and exterior use

  All Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc staff will keep on make unremitting efforts to innovate and progress, take harmony and win-win as common values, continue to adhere to environmental protection, innovation, value, create a harmonious benefit for the industry society, and realize their own responsibilities and missions to society.

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