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Walkkind Company New Prodcut P5G Shank Board



Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc follows the changes in market development and follows the circular economy and environmental protection consumption methods. In order to meet the new requirements of the modern manufacturing industry for the function of fiberboard, we actively research and develop green and environmentally friendly plant fiber products.

Recently, Walkkind company technology research and development team has planted fiber and renewable fiber as the main material, supplemented by a variety of polymer materials, and successfully developed a new product P5G shank board, this product has strong toughness and high waterproof performance.


The main advantages of the P5G shank board are as follows:

1. Natural wood pulp fiber, green materials, non-toxic and non-polluting

2. Good flexibility, weather resistance, good waterproof performance

3. Good moldability, machinability and electrical properties

4. The face can be painted in various colors, embossed various decorative patterns

5. Good anti-seismic and soundproof performance

6. Flame retardant, abrasion resistant

The application of P5G shank board: widely used in the automotive, footwear, industrial containers, leather, electrical appliances, packaging and luggage and other industries, of which the largest amount of automotive manufacturing and footwear industry.It can manufacture a variety of components such as dashboards, top control panels, and boot liners on automobiles, which can significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle body. It can also be used to make molded soles, heels, etc., to reduce the weight of shoes and reduce production costs.


Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc will continue to adhere to self-innovation, pursue technological advancement, further expand the industrial market, enhance the company's core competitiveness, commit to sustainable human development, and provide a steady flow of resources to the world.

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