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Walkkind Company Actively Participate 50-kilometer Trekking Event



The 5-Kilometer Trekking Event

The 50-kilometer trekking event is the "city sports card" of Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It has been successfully held for four times, and each time it has set off a national sports revelry with great influence. The annual activities took place on 31st March in the five districts of Foshan. The number of people participating in the event reached 308,000. This event combines the two major themes of "The National People's Movement" and "National Anti-cult", and integrates anti-cult and healthy living elements. In this meaningful event,Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc actively responded to the district activities and organized all employees to actively register and participate in the activities.

Along the trails are dense parks, greenways, wetlands, riverbanks, and flowers. On March 31st, at 7:30 in the morning, all employees of Walkkind company arrived at the starting point of Sanshui Xianghu Park. The park is clean, fresh air and beautiful flowers. It is a beautiful scenic spot in Sanshui.  The daily life rhythm is tense, and it is easier for people to feel tired. At this moment, in the bright sunshine, everyone walks between the green mountains and the green water. While walking, we can look at the beautiful scenery of nature and feel very happy. When we walked about 5 kilometers, we began to feel a little tired and my feet were a little bit painful, but everyone believed that we could stick with it.During the two and a half hours, all Walkkind staff arrived at the first sign of the signing (separation point between Sanshui and Nanhai district). This sign was 10 kilometers away from the starting point. Everyone took pictures and took photos of the first sign of beautiful moments. It is Walkkind ’s belief that everyone can persist. It is perseverant and unites with a spirit of strength.

Exercise is the foundation of health, life is exercise, and exercise makes us full of vitality. We are in a good mood, in good health, and in high spirits, and face life more easily. Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc has been supporting the “National Fitness Program” for a long time.In the factory, employees’ basketball courts, staff badminton courts and other sports venues are opened to allow employees to freely stretch their muscles and strengthen their physical fitness after work.

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