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Walkkind Attend CPC Founding Day Singing Competition



In order to sing the melody of the times, the employees of Leping Town were encouraged to work together, work hard, fight hard, and strive to be more active, and actively participate in the work to help the healthy development of Leping Town. The Leping Town Federation of Trade Unions is scheduled to hold the 5th Leaping CPC Founding Day Singing Competition in Leping Town on June 29th.

As an outstanding enterprise in Leping Town, Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc actively participated in the CPC Founding Day Singing Competition of the Leping Town Trade Union. Walkkind company employees used the break time to rehearse and actively prepare for the chorus competition.

On June 29th, 10 unit companies in Leping Town came to participate in the Leping Cultural Center Gymnasium.The participating teams entered the arena with neat dress and energetic spirit.A "Towards Revival" opened the prelude to the red song competition.Immediately afterwards, a revolutionary song full of righteousness and pride flew out from the voice of the participating teams and rang through the stadium. The teams shared their songs for the party’s birthday and expressed their deep love for the great motherland.There is an audio-visual feast.On the stage of the performance, Walkkind Enterprise displayed the spirit of the corporate team on the stage. The two songs of "Sparks of Red Star" and "Song of Walkind" evoked the feelings of Walkkind employees who loved the Communist Party and loved the motherland.


The contest was fair, just and open, and invited well-known experts from both inside and outside the province to form a jury. The winners of the competition were announced on the spot.Although Walkkind did not win awards, it showed Walkkind employees' love for the Communist Party and their love for the motherland. Walkkind Enterprise will inherit the fine traditions of the Chinese nation and work hard to serve the motherland.

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