Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc Video Center. As a company with strong social responsibility, Walkkind company is pursuing a sustainable development method that is in harmony with nature. It is a special fiber insole board made of plant fiber and renewable fiber as the main material. Plant fiber paper insole board product that has superior functionality and can replace some animal leather and petrochemical products. Walkkind company's technological innovation technology and high-standard production process rely on the elite engineering technology center for research and development. While the technology continues to innovate, the quality continues to improve, which in turn allows Walkkind company to obtain a number of independent intellectual property rights utility models. And invention patents. From these videos, you can more intuitively understand the strong social responsibility and mission of Walkkind company's environmentally-friendly consumption methods. Walkkind's plant fiber paper insole board brand personality development and its simultaneous international quality vitality.

Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc as a young enterprise concentrating on the special fiberboard field also take part in this 2018 Guangzhou international shoe machinery and leather industry exhibition.

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