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Pakistan Customer Visit Walkkind Paper Insole Board Factory




         On 3PM Of 28th April, Pakistan customer visited Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc . Before meeting, Walkkind salesman arranged the driver to pick up the customer from hotel to Walkkind factory for negotiating the shoe insole board business. At the same time, according to the customer's target market, prepare market's popular model samples. After Pakistan customer arrived at the factory, Walkkind sales manager Evan and Pakistan customer warmly greeted each other in the Walkkind meeting room, they exchanged business cards. Walkkind sales manager Evan introduced the factory to customers. Afterwards, the Pakistan customer was invited to visit the factory plant machinery and equipment. The customer was amazed that the factory had complete production equipment and was satisfied with the clean and tidy and organized organization. The customer saw that the factory's product quality control process was rigorous in specifications, reliable in quality, and assured that his orders were produced here. That is because the Walkkind factory implemented the 6s site management law to regulate the daily operation of the factory and improve the efficiency of the company.



After the customer visited the Walkkind factory building, Walkkind sales manager Evan and the customer returned to the meeting room to discuss the shoe insole business and the customer brought his sample. Mr Evan and Pakistan client compared their sample quality on the spot with professional methods and recommended products that meet the customer's quality grade. The customer praised Walkkind's manager Evan's professionalism. The meeting discussed product prices, payment methods, delivery dates, and other information. After the meeting, the two parties took pictures and the Pakistan customer was very satisfied with Walkkind factory. He expressed the hope that he could become a long-term business partner with Walkkind factory.

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