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408S new product release


Domestic special fiber material leading manufacturer Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc.

Walkkind company pays great attention to product development. Constantly collect the latest information, and pursuit of innovation to adapt to the latest market changes. Recently launched a new product 480S latex cellulose fiberboard, its stiffness, curvature, flexibility, breathability, comfort is more perfect. It is Cost-effective product, let high-end consumer groups consumers at more affordable prices, enjoy high-quality products and services. Walkkind company insists on the superior quality, the customer first, technology innovation, courteous service business strategy.

The finite resources should be used infinitely. Walkkind company follows and advocates the development of new industrialization, based on market requirements, and put forward that conforms to the concept of environmental protection, and provide safe and comfortable products for final consumers. With insight of globalization, Walkkind company gradually follows the international giants, and provides constant power for the development of the mankind, society, and industry.


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