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2018 Walkkind Company Spring Festival Party


On 10th February,2018, China Spring Festival is coming. Thanks to all Walkkind staff work hard in 2017, Guangdong Walkkind Technology,Inc held a sprint party organized by itself to show the love for all walkkind staff.   

The party started at 6pm, all Walkkind staff attending party in the order. The company prepared food , wine and generous gifts, decided to make every Walkkind staff have an unforgettable Spring Festival party. First of all, Walkkind company general manager Mr Sheng gave a speech, on behalf of Walkkind company give new year's wish to all staff. Then, the party started with a song titled "Work Hard Will Win", sung by Walkkind engineer Mr Huang. Accompanied by warm applause and cheers, wonderful song performances, lottery, magic show, dance and other programs one by one. At this moment, every walkkind staff enjoyed the show. Their programs fully demonstrated walkkind staff's love to work and life, as well as showing their positive and hardworking spirit. One of the most popular shows is the "Seven Little Swan" dance, performanced by seven male colleagues from production department.Little Swan exaggerated shape, graceful dance, making all Walkkind staff laugh, clap their hands, and took this unforgettable scene by their mobile phone. Finally, all performance staff and leaders come to stage and took photo. Guangdong Walkkind Technology Inc. 2018 Spring Party successfully concluded!

The coming new year, Walkkind staff will keep on carrying positive spirit, solidarity, self-improvement, hard work and enterprising, work together to create Walkkind a better tomorrow! And "create a total of growth, win-win situation, sharing." Taking their efforts to achieve the company's core concept of "environmental protection" "create" and "value".



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